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Emergency Plumbing Toolkit

Use a five gallon bucket as a tool holder.  If a leak springs mid-project, it'll catch the water.  A tool caddy can also be attached to the bucket providing a place for everything.

Keep a forced cup and a regular plunger handy.  Each plunger has its own specific use and provides extra unclogging power.

Wrenches are essential in plumbing.  A pair of medium sized slip joint pliers and an adjustable pipe wrench should cover most jobs, along with various sized wrenches.

A multi-bit screwdriver can reduce the number of tools that need to be carried around on the job.

An assortment of Allen keys is very handy and has many uses.

Duct tape and leak sealing tape can help out in a plumbing emergency until a permanent fix can be made.  Teflon tape will seal up leaks from around threaded connections.

A variety of blind caps can help you see your way through repairing a broken valve.

Heavy duty paper towels or rags will help clean up water from small leaks.

If you find yourself in “deep water” give Jim T’s Plumbing a call. We will bail you out. 860 666-7663